Des Bio Smart Silver Spray 2 oz

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Des Bio Smart Silver Spray 2 oz

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Brand: DesBio

  • Product Code: smart-silver-spray-DB-2-oz

  • Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

Spray on Some Silver Immune Support

Take on an array of bacteria and threats to your immune system with all-natural advanced support with Smart Silver Advance Immune Support Spray from DesBio.

An advanced form of silver due to its unique processing, this convenient spray is a 10 PPM silver supplement that provides immune support for a range of symptoms and conditions.

Unlike standard colloidal silver supplements, Smart Silver is an engineered nanoparticle thatGÇÖs manufactured using 10,000 volts of current. This energizes the water base and enables Smart Silver to draw energy from its environment, preparing it to function as a catalyst against bacteria. Its energy is emitted at wavelengths up to 910 terahertz, the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light becomes deadly to bacteria.

Working against bacteria on both a chemical and measurable energetic level, Smart Silver may provide support for symptoms including and/or related to abscesses, aches and pains, flu-like symptoms, acne and skin conditions, bladder conditions, coughs and bronchial conditions, burns, gastrointestinal distress, wounds, swollen glands, poor oral health, and much more.

Advance your health with a spritz of advanced immune support. Order Smart Silver.

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