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As a coach, Nancy Knudson puts the power back in YOUR hands.  

Nancy Knudson, BS,CHC,AADP, Health Coach/Nutrition Specialist

Nancy Knudson, BS,CHC,AADP, Health Coach/Nutrition Specialist

Nancy Knudson is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Essential Oil Coach, Lifestyle, and Food Based Wellness Expert. Nancy is excited to help people find affordable and sustainable solutions for their health. You will LOVE what New Day Whole Health has to offer. Check out our full list of services, upcoming community group classes, cooking demos, handcrafted topical use essential oil blends, bulk herbs, and more.

Nancy is a guide and mentor who provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. 

Nancy's personal story

"I'm from South Dakota. I grew up on a farm. I'm one of 16 children. I graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1991 with a degree in business administration. I moved to Colorado right after and worked in inside sales for a couple of years. I stayed home and raised my kids.  

Everything was shattered in my life when I was ten. My mom passed away at age 47 of heart disease. My dad had been diagnosed with MS at age 35, cancer at age 50 and passed away at age 67. I had gall stones, removal of my gall bladder at age 23, chronic infections, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, bone on bone discs in my back, and MS like symptoms.

I have overcome severe health challenges myself and am thrilled to be helping people on their journey to optimal health.  In addition to my training in functional and integrative medicine, I have used herbs and essential oils for my family for more than 25 years.”

Nancy Knudson, BS,CHC,AADP, Health Coach/Nutrition Specialist

I was having so many digestive issues at that time I could barely sit through the presentation. I’ve seen about an 80% improvement in my symptoms and the future seems a lot brighter for me. Nancy has helped more than any
another health provider, I’ve ever seen.
— Tom J., Age 62

About me

I started my business New Day Whole Health about seven years ago. I do one-on-one consulting and help people think through what is going on with their health — what are their current concerns, what is there diet and stress like, what is their support system as far as family and friends. I help my clients come up with a plan to reach their health goals. Contact me.

Nancy began handcrafting essential oil blends, and she is excited to be offering these unique topical use blends in her online store. 

My essential oils are not a miracle cure but when used in conjunction with clean eating and a mindful lifestyle they can help to reduce food cravings, improve sleep, balance hormones, support mood, cognitive function, attention, focus, digestion, pain and more.

I do nutrition-based supplementation and teach group classes. I have cooking classes, essential oil classes, different self-care classes and health related classes. Change happens in community and the classes give people the opportunity to gather with people on similar journeys.

My health mantra

I try to live what I teach. Choosing organic foods and clean body care products are so IMPORTANT. Self-care is a huge piece of my everyday life. I try to carve out time every day to be still and quiet and to think about what I need.

Before I came to Mrs. Knudson I felt sick almost every day. I also had major anxiety and occasional depression. Within only a couple of weeks, I felt like a new person. I am incredibly grateful!
— Grace O., Age 15

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