Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal

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Prep Notes

Soak for 1-8 hours and rinse 1 cup on whole grain brown rice

Cook as directed


1 can of coconut milk

A few Drops of Sweet Drops Sweet Crème Vanilla or other flavor

1-2 T. Pure Organic Maple Syrup

4-8 T. ground Flax seed

Top with some chopped pecans or other nuts or stir in aspoon of almond butter for protein. Add ¼ cup frozen or fresh berries to your bowl if desired

Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 5 days

This recipe can also be made with whole grain Oats, Teff or Amaranth instead of the brown rice—Teff and Amaranth do not “expand” near as much as the whole grain brown rice or oats so do about half as much of the other ingredients.  Chia Seeds may be added as well or in place of flax